Wedding Photography

Your Special Time

As you plan your wedding, it's not just the "Big Day" that's chock full of memories that you will want to hold on to and share with your family, friends, and even future generations. Vibrant Memories Photography is ready to capture posed and semi-posed shots to create bridal and engagement portraits.

In addition, there's all those special unrehearsed moments of tenderness that come as you plan the wedding. We can arrange to be "flies on the wall" during meetings with vendors, card addressing parties, or just simple walks of the couple-to-be.

No Surprises

We have a detailed checklist to go over with our clients at least a week before the wedding to understand all details including location requirements (e.g., some churches don't allow flash photography; we can even restage portions of the ceremony if venue restrictions are excessive), shot preferences, and how the photographer is expected to be dressed. We strongly prefer to schedule a meeting at the wedding site well before the event.

The Wedding

We include generous hours of shooting at your rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself, and reception in our proposals. We offer tremendous flexibility as to how we shoot your wedding - afterall, it is your event. Whether you are getting married in a house of worship that doesn't allow flash; want key shots to be captured in specific styles; wish the photographer to be dressed in a tuxedo; are having an informal beach-style event indoors in the winter and want the photographer to come in a Hawaiian shirt; or any number of other situations, we have checklists that we go over with you well in advance that are designed to allow us to best serve you, our client, so that nobody is surprised.

We Specialize in a Special Way

At Vibrant Memories, we are not interested in being all things to all people and offering services like videography, though we can refer you to other professionals whose work we trust. But one additional service that we do offer is that of building and hosting an event website for you, complete with pictures and interactive maps.

Patience is a Virtue

... but we won't require much of it from you. Most weddings require month of planning then the events surrounding and including the wedding arrive. Surely you will want to review the wedding events soon thereafter. We don't keep you waiting - we get you proofs within weeks of the wedding. We can even deliver a temporary "rough" gallery of images that we have taken hours after the event.

Keeping those Memories Vibrant

Entrusting us to photograph your wedding, no doubt one of the most important events of your life, is an honor for us, and we take it very seriously. We ensure that the memories remain vibrant over the years. We store your images online with password protection; share the password and access as you wish (you can opt to keep your images password-free, as well). We believe that the pictures we are privileged to take should be readily accessible for you.

Vibrant Memories offers fine albums from a small number of carefully selected vendors. Brides, grooms, and their friends and families are often surprised by the beauty of the albums. Prints are available in a variety of finishes, including canvas and metallic.

Featured Album: GraphiStudio

Our recommended album is one that we think is worthy of pause for years to come. There are many boons to the internet era, but one quality that is sometimes lost is handmade precision quality. Your wedding album should not fall short here, and we ensure that it won't.

Vibrant Memories is proud to be a vendor for GraphiStudio, a world leader in the printing and binding industry. Since the early 1990s, this Italian company has created beautifully printed books for clients including the Vatican, many art galleries, and the National Gallery of London. If you go with a GraphiStudio album, we will help you to pick out the many options this hand-bound book offers you, such as metallic covers, many paper finishes, presentation styles, and even a form-fitting briefcase to store and transport your custom book. Perfect gifts for family, wedding party, and friends, include parent and pocket books - share all of the pictures in your wedding album in a smaller book at an unbelievably modest price.

Your wedding book will be designed by Dilip Barman with your input. Then it will be produced by GraphiStudio in Alba in the Veneto region of Italy.

Upgrades, Deposit

If you have contacted us and received a proposal that you wish to accept, you can secure our services with a deposit, as specified in the proposal, via online payment. If we have already photographed your wedding and you are customizing your album's design, you can also pay for some upgrades, inclusive of state sales tax, here. You can of course also pay by check or by calling in your credit card details, whether your upgrade appears here or not.

Contact Us!

You can reach us by email at or by phone (cell) at 919-943-8784. Bookmark us at!

Created 1 September 2006
Last updated 18 July 2008

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