Portrait Photography

Capturing the Spirit

Almost anybody can take a picture. With some aesthetic guidance and technical understanding, many can take a reasonable snapshot. But few can capture and deliver an image that is well-composed and that reveals the spirit. At Vibrant Memories Photography, we look to create a piece of art for your portrait sitting.

We can work wonders in a spacious studio with many props and backgrounds. We photograph children, families, or individuals. But sometimes the spirit moves you in a garden, at the beach, at home, or in some other setting. We design your portrait for you and shoot it where you want it.

Many Options, Gentle Guidance

We treat it as an honor to be hired to take your portrait, and approach it with gentle confidence. There are many options, such as traditional or contemporary, realistic or a tad dreamy, color or black and white or even sepia-toned. The finish can be of various types, including fine art canvas or metallic paper, and, of course, your final artistic portrait is typically delivered in a frame of your choice. We can even photograph the space into which you wish to hang your portrait and simulate what the image will look like in various frames and at different sizes.

Perhaps you know exactly what you want - and that's fine. We're always ready to guide you and, by spending time in a short complimentary consultation, can recommend what we think will work best for you.

Comfortable Pace, Comfortable Approach

We design your portraiture just for you; no two portraits are the same. Being photographed can be stressful, and we pride ourselves on doing all that we can to make you comfortable and even at times forget the camera. We take our time with many shots to ensure that we have a good set of proofs for you to review.

Are you a model? We are affiliated with CompCard.com for headshot and composite card printing.

For babies, we use a particularly soft approach and have special recommendations for in-home shooting to keep the baby in the most familiar environment for him or her and to get the best photojournalistic images. We love to take studio images of even the youngest subjects, and have toys and props to keep them engaged.

Contact Us!

You can reach us by email at dilip@vibrant-memories.com or by phone (cell) at 919-943-8784. Bookmark us at vibrant-memories.com!

Created 1 September 2006
Last updated 9 June 2007

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